Islander lavender Project

Cape Clear Lavender is an innovative project which commencd in 2021 to encourage the cultivation of lavender and its use in culinary, health and craft products on the Island. From Sumer 2022 visitors will see various plots of lavender throughput the Island and the first Lavender Festival is planned for the summer of 2024.
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MVS Gaisceanán,  Live ragworm available.

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Birdwatching on Cape Clear Island

Cape Clear Bird Observatory (Tigh na nÉan) was founded in 1959 by a group of four English birdwatchers who recognised the enormous potential Cape Clear Island offered for observing bird migration. Not only was the island in an ideal position for watching passing seabirds but it also attracted overshooting eastern and western migrating birds. Since those early days, the Observatory has amassed a considerable list of Siberian and American rarities and the island remains the place in Europe from which to see Great Cories and Sooty Shearwaters from the Southern Hemisphere and Wilson's Petrels from the mid Atlantic
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Ionad Foghlama Chléire

Cape Clear Language Services - Irish Language Services and Educational Tourism. We have been serving the Irish language sector since 2003 with professional translation and training services. We cater for both public and private sector organizations as well as school / youth groups and adult education. We have been helping applicants to College of Education and to EU based jobs since 2004 to prepare for their admission interviews. In our educational walks we offer the visitor a deep and objective understanding of Cape Clear history placing all its aspects into the context of Irish and European history.
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